How many shoes can I clean with the cleaning kits?

The cleaning solution can be easily used to clean over 30 pairs of shoes.

Can the sponge and brush be used all for all materials?

Yes, the sponge and brush have been engineered after thorough research and can be safely used on all materials.

Can the solution be used on all materials?

Yes, the cleaning solution has been formulated by experts after years of research and can safely be used to clean all materials.

What is the cleaning solution made of?

The cleaning solution is made from primarily natural soaps derived from coconut oil and other plant-based extracts, and water.

Can the cleaner be used on anything else besides shoes?

Yes, the cleaning kits works on seat covers, bags, caps, fabric, sofas, and many more surfaces. We recommend you use the sponge for more delicate surfaces, and the brush for more tougher ones.